India Missions!
Family Through Faith
We have been doing mission work in India since 2010. We
are involved in lots of different ministry opportunities in
India.  We partner with local believers to focus on meeting
needs of people in rural places.  Check out some of the
ways we help out:

Medical Camps:
Our medical camps can be a madhouse.  It is not uncommon for us to see
over 300 people in one day and provide them with whatever medicine the
doctor we hire prescribes.  Our hope is this ministry will provide relief to
people who may not ever receive it.  We do this as a way to show God’s
love and communicate the Gospel.

Food relief:
There are many places in India where there simply isn’t enough work or
food.  In these areas there are people who go without and experience
malnutrition and starvation.  We buy food in bulk and divide it into family
packs which provide basics for about 2 weeks for those in need.  The
packs usually contain rice, wheat flour, oil, soy, spices, sugar, dal, salt,
vegetables and occasionally clothes.

Reading glasses:
Much like the medical camps and food relief our focus is to help people
who would have no other way to receive a basic necessity.  Reading
glasses are an inexpensive way to show God’s love by giving them freely
to people who can use them.

Orphans and Widows:
Every culture is different.  India doesn’t have the same type of safety net
many western countries do to care for people who are left behind by a
spouse or parent who was the chief provider.  We are happy to help these
people in their time of need.  We provide some support in the form of
food, clothing, school tuition, and sometimes housing.

Earthquake relief
In the spring of 2016 there was a large and devastating earthquake in
Nepal.  We were honored to partner with several other ministries to build
170 houses and provide clothes, cooking wares, plates and cups, and
other basic needs to the families in need.  We have continued visiting
some of these places and meet needs from time to time to help these 170
families restart their lives.

We provide discipleship training for leaders and members of churches in
rural villages.  These people don’t have access to many resources readily
available in larger cities.  We feel growing these small churches is
something near to the heart of God.

At all of the above events we offer a free Bible to anyone who wants to
take one.  No one is forced and no service is ever denied if someone
doesn’t want a Bible.  It is always a free choice to accept or reject the
gift of a Bible.  Since our work began in India through spring of 2018 we
have given away over 100,000 Bibles in local languages.

The future
India is an exciting and ever changing place.  We really have no idea what
the future holds.  We are hoping to start a teaching farm to help teach
people in areas with high rates of malnutrition and starvation help
provide for themselves through growing food of their own. This teaching
farm may be a few years away, but we are doing some ground work now.  
We also feel there is a need for a way for some elderly widows to finish
their life in peace and rest.  We aren’t sure what this hospice care would
look like or if it is even possible, but we are searching out opportunities
and culturally appropriate approaches to caring for these widows.

Come With Us!
We generally travel to India twice a year for 2 to 4 weeks at a time in the
fall and early spring.  We would be happy to speak to your organization
about the work we are doing there.  If you are an individual or church
group looking at this as a mission opportunity then please feel free to get
in touch.

If you would like to get e-mail updates about the work in India (about 4
times a year) then please send us an email letting us know to or by clicking
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