Family Through Faith
Family Through Faith Ministries
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Who is Family Through Faith Ministries?

Family Through Faith Ministries is focused on one mission expressed in three ways.  
Our mission is to feed people:  

 There are many people who need real, physical food.  We are helping to meet the
physical food needs of people through our farm.  Located just west of Nixa,
Missouri we grow fresh produce to help feed people.  Check out the
farm link to
find out more.
 We also provide food relief to people in India as a part of our Indian ministries.  
There are many on the edge of starvation in some of the remote places we visit in
India.  Check out the
India Missions link to find out more.

 As a Christian organization we believe a relationship with Christ is a vital part of
life.  We express this in three directions.  Upward: giving praise to God for all he is
using us to do.  Inward: spiritual growth of the individual and the body through
discipleship.  Outward: Service to our community and sharing the message of Christ
to anyone who is interested.
 We meet in a house in Nixa, Mo.  We don’t desire to build a large building or
organization, but we want to send out Christians to live a purposeful, active
Christian life.  The Fellowship is a small, intimate, home-based gathering, where
everyone is free, and encouraged to speak and listen.  A typical gathering will
include time with scripture, time in prayer, time sharing struggles, time giving
praise to God. We also provide discipleship materials we have developed in our
ministry free of charge.  Check out
The Fellowship link for more information.

 We believe the mind is a gift from God.  We want to feed the minds of people by
providing opportunities to
learn.  We do this by placing and maintaining “little free
, partnering with school agricultural programs, and by supporting local
classroom reading efforts.  We believe every book is a tool to develop the mind and
a love of reading will inevitably lead to real questions and answers of eternal
 A person who reads will be able to engage the things of God with their mind.  A
well fed mind is a great tool in the hands of God.  Check out the
Literacy link for
more information.

Through feeding people in these three areas we believe we are serving Christ and
building his kingdom.  Please feel free to get in touch with us using the
contact us
link with any questions of comments.
We are all family through faith in Christ Jesus
~ Galatians 3:26